About Us

Showcase Me Online is a website dedicated to showcasing YOU online.

Our approach differs from other online upload sites in that we actively focus on showcasing new and original performances and talents. More importantly, we support a wide variety of talent categories rather than focusing on only one. The result: by not just being a band site, just a karaoke site or just a comedy site, for example, we aim to be the first name on a much broader viewing public's mind when searching for original and regional performers.

At Showcase Me Online we provide a truly unique internet environment within which people who are serious about showcasing their talent may do so. Database-driven, we make it easy for agents, promoters, venues and fans to search our bank of talent for the specific type, geographical location or any other criteria they choose.

Additionally, as we grow, for each category we will have...

  • Annual contests with prizes
  • Videocasts and podcasts
  • Online portfolios for all registered artists
  • Classified sections
  • and Downloads.

The very reason Showcase Me Online exists is to have that one obvious website for you to promote yourself, your band, your team, your group or your school. We believe you should not have to search the garage band, magic, dance, modeling, etcetera sites individually, get hundreds of results (related and unrelated), and then use a "trial and error" approach to try and figure out which will actually showcase YOU.

Sign up for free and be a part of the internet's newest, hottest community... Showcase Me Online, a website dedicated to showcasing YOU online.