Welcome to the Sections/Genres page of Showcase Me Online! Here we list for you the sections or genres that will comprise Showcase Me Online's content. As members and visitors you will simply find a section (or sections) of interest and enjoy previously uploaded files or upload your own. In either case, enjoy your visit. Because we are so new, some of the sections may not be populated yet. If that is the case, we encourage you to be the first in your area to get showcased on Showcase Me online.



Casting call for all you aspiring actors and agents. Actors, upload your head shots and bios and let us be a vehicle to your growth in the industry. Agents, feel free to check out tomorrow's stars. [Sorry, no pornography allowed.]



The Agents/Agencies section of Showcase Me Online presents the opportunity for agents to let potential clients know who they are and what they are looking for. For the artists, it is an invaluable directory.



It doesn't matter how big or small you are. Garage or philharmonic, Showcase Me Online built the Bands section to be your online stage. Upload your audio or video of your performances or studio work and let the music lovers of the world discover you.



You guessed it, Showcase Me Online's Barbershop section is created for the barbershop singers and enthusiasts.



Show off your squad’s spirit and teamwork in Showcase Me Online’s Cheerleading section.



Church, community or school choir, the Choir section of Showcase Me Online is the place for you to show your stuff to the world.



Stand-up or sketch, we all love to laugh. Comedians of the world upload your audio and video files in Showcase Me Online's Comedy section. Fans of comedy, enjoy some laughs.


Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts section of Showcase Me Online is the place for all the culinary artists of the world to display their amazing gifts with food.



The Dance section of Showcase Me Online spotlights the individual dancer as well as the schools and teams. Upload performances and audition videos.



Gifted with paint, ink, chalk or pencil? Or how about a skill with some of today's graphics software? Showcase Me Online set aside this section for you. Art enthusiasts are encouraged to stroll through this online gallery. 



Vocalists need not apply.4-piece ensemble, orchestra or just a guy with a tuba, the Instrumentalist section of Showcase Me Online brings your upstage and in the spotlight.


Karaoke Life

Showcase Me Online lets YOU be the star in it's Karaoke Life section. The curtain rises, the microphone is on and the spotlight is yours. Let your friends and family enjoy your talent and enjoy their's here. [This section is Karaoke Jockey driven. Contact yourlocal KJ and get them registered.] 



At Showcase Me Online, we honor the written word. Bring out your thesis, poem or short story and let the world experience your gift.



Prepare to be amazed! The Magic section of Showcase Me Online is the online host to magical wonder.



The Miscellaneous section of Showcase Me Online is here for all those talents we have yet to create a section for. From cake decorating to tattoo artistry and from bird calling to skateboarding, upload your stuff and you may start the next new section of Showcase Me Online.



For aspiring models and spokes models, modeling schools and modeling agencies, Showcase Me Online created the Modeling section to facilitate your meeting. Upload photos, videos and biographies. View photos, videos and biographies. [Sorry, no pornography allowed.]



Photographers, let us see the world through your lens in the photography section of Showcase Me Online.


Pilots' Lounge

Made a short film, creating webisodes or got a pilot you want to pitch to the networks? Step into Showcase Me Online's Pilots' Lounge. Our team wants to promote you online. Viewers, check out the upcoming film and TV greats.



Not all art is 2-dimensional. Realizing that, Showcase Me Online created the Sculpture section. Bronze, marble or ice... sculpture is the flavor here.



Spotlight on the vocalists! If you are doing a solo act or in a group, we want to showcase your singing skills. The singing section of Showcase Me Online is for you to, well, show off a bit.